I’m a teacher and trying to get my students to learn can be difficult. So, I contacted Wade to see if he would be able to donate some material for my students to learn geometry by building Mini-Golf holes. He took time out of his busy schedule to meet me at his yard and then allowed me to take as much as I needed. My students and I thank you very much!

Joe H.
Santa Cruz


Gotta tell you, Wade, his crew, his product and his customer service are off the charts. Not only did Wade install our new lawn once, he did it twice. I had some concerns on the height of the lawn the first time they installed it, Wade said to me and I quote, “If you aren’t happy, I’m not happy” and he tore the whole thing out, re-graded it and re-installed it, straight up awesome. If you are going to replace your lawn, call Wade, end of story.

Johnny H


Love our new yard. Wade and his crew were awesome. It only took 2 days to install. No hassles. Nothing else broke in the process, unlike other contractors that fix one thing and break another. We did tons of research and are glad we decided to go with Wade.

Leslie L.
Santa Cruz


WOW!! What a great company! I called them yesterday to do a little walk way for my grandma & today less than 24hrs latter its done and its BEAUTIFUL!! Wade the owner was so great even know it was a tiny job he really seemed to care about it and my grandma. His guys did a fantastic job. They were fast, efficient and way,way affordable. This my friends is what I call stellar customer service very rare these days. 5 STARS!

Lea K.
Santa Cruz


These guys and this product are fantastic!  I had been fighting keeping grass alive through 2 digging dogs, malfunctioning auto sprinklers and kids for 7 years.  I finally gave up and called Artificial Lawns Direct.  They came out, on time, and gave me a quote to do my entire yard (about 350 sf).  Ron and Wade were very knowledgeable and reassured me that the turf would stand up to the dogs, weather and kids.  I marinated on it for a few days and called them back to give them a deposit.  I was a nervous wreck for the next 2 days until they started installing the turf.  I came home from work on the first day (install took 2 days) and was thrilled at what I saw!  Even though it was half done, it looked beautiful and I knew I had made the right decision.  The next day the project was completed and I couldn’t have been more happy.

It has been about 9 months since they installed it and it is so beautiful and very durable.  My dogs have not done any damage to it no matter how hard they try.  They frolic, roll around and romp on it all day long.  The kids love it, too.  I used to have my morning coffee and “reply to work emails” sessions at the kitchen bar.  Now, every morning, I grab my coffee and laptop and sit outside, replying to emails, watching my dogs romp and play and truly relishing my beautiful yard.  It feels great under my bare feet and looks like a perfectly manicured lawn.

Being a Realtor, I am always concerned about doing projects on my house that will improve the quality/resale value of my home.  I could not be happier with my choice to have the Flawn (fake lawn), as we call it, installed. I am now proud to entertain outside and invite friends over for BBQs and parties.  Thanks guys!  You rock!

Robin G.
Santa Cruz, CA


I had my Lawn installed 5 years ago, not sure if Yelp was around then. Anyhow, I can’t say enough good things about this company. Service was exactly as described, on time, on budget and great to work with! Six stars here!

Brittan W
Santa Cruz


Awesome job! Great customer service. Listened to what I wanted and even gave great suggestions when asked.  Put me in good graces with the wife when I told her “my” ideas. After the job was done, he personally came out a month later to fluff and clean the lawn before a party on a single day’s notice, on the weekend!  Honest and up front with the cost.

Keep up the good work Wade!

Brian T.


I am very satisfied with the service I received from Ron Shaver and his team.  We had a small problem with our turf and it was fixed in no time.  They did a great job and went the extra mile to make sure we were happy.  I highly recommend Artificial Lawns Direct if you are thinking of low maintenance landscaping.  They are honest and prompt with great customer service.  Thanks Ron!!!

Stacey S
Santa Cruz


I recently had Artificial Lawns Direct install a putting green in our backyard and I can’t put in words what a great job done by Ron,Wade and the crew, Everything about the experience was such a pleasure,

it’s so rare these days to do business with a company that  delivers on what they promise..I would definitely recommend this company to anyone that is looking for a artificial lawn or putting green. A+A+A+

Joe V


Everything about this experience was professional.  Ron and Wade are solid.  A lot of meaningful discussion before they showed up.  They were both willing to work with us on the details that WE wanted…very respectful to our needs.  We basically tore out our old tile and retaining wall to put in something more kid friendly…they helped us with exactly what we wanted.  Very respectful of our budget too.  Our yard is so much better now.

Greg S,


Wade and Ron did a great job on a full backyard installation of an artificial lawn.  They were thoughtful in design, on time, professional, and easy to work with.  Highly recommended.

Matt H.
Mountain View


I highly recommend Wade Petrini and Artificial Lawns Direct.  These guys do great job and offer outstanding customer service. The installers are thoughtful and leave a job site clean and gorgeous. They don’t just do turf either. Their landscaping installations are beautiful, unique and appear to thrive over the long term. Wade Petrini knows what he is talking about in the garden and is helpful throughout an installation. Their prices are more than fair and you will get a gorgeous looking landscape by going with a knowledgeable, experienced company.

Maggie D.
Santa Cruz


The team at Artificial Lawns Direct gets my unanimous praise. From start to finish, the customer experience was 5 star.

Bryan H.
San Mateo


I have known Wade Petrini since 1985. He started doing some hedge trimming for me and from there he got to do my maintenance, my Moms yard work, neighbors and friends gardening, etc…… Soon he launched his business, Petrini’s Landscape design and maintenance. Most recently he added Artificial Turf to his business and that took off too!!
I have recommended Wade over the years because he is trustworthy, honest, reliable, reasonable and does excellent work. I have heard nothing but praise for his work and continue to recommend him. I am way more than just satisfied!!!!
I recently did a major landscape using his new Artificial Turf on my 14,000 sq. ft. home site and the results are incredible!! I would be happy to allow a tour if anyone is considering Wade for landscaping or any other garden/lawn project.

Santa Cruz


We bought our house in 1997 in Scotts Valley, where we get close to 50 inches of rain a year. It was a foreclosure sale, so we had no way of contacting the previous owner.

The winter of 1998 was the rainiest ot the century, and we had deep puddles under our house and a swamp in our backyard. I had professionals of various titles and price tags come out to evaluate our problem and propose solutions. We made some progress with French drains and added vents to dry out the sub-floor, but every year we continued to have drainage problems.

Over the years, I’ve listened to about a dozen experts — including landscape engineers and other high-priced professionals — evaluate our problem. Their solutions ranged from more French drains to replacing our lawn with cement to bringing in heavy earh-moving equipment at a cost of more than $10,000.  We’ve spent many thousands on the problem over the last 14 years and made only incremental progress.

Last year, I asked Wade Petrini to look at our situation. His title is Landscape Contractor, and his company is called Artificial Lawns Direct. I expected him to tell us to put in artificial lawns in front and back. When he came out, I was amazed at how fast he was able to diagnose our problem. In about a half hour of walking around our property and looking under the house, he told me more about our problem than the total knowledge I had accumulated from a dozen experts over 14 years. I was also amazed at how simple his solutions were.

His crew dug a channel in the wettest part of the yard that sloped down to a sump pump that move the water out of the yard. Then they cleaned out our oldest French drain.

When he gave me the bill, I thought it was a mistake. He charged us a small fraction of what I had paid previous contractors and engineers. Plus, while others only made slight progress, Wade’s solutions appear to have solved the problem.

This guy knows what he’s doing. He’s honest and he’s fair. I would recommend him to anyone.

Mark R.
Scotts Valley


Thank you Wade!
I contacted Wade asking for a donation of turf pieces for a fundraiser for St. Lawrence Academy of Felton. He generously took time out of a busy schedule to meet with me and donated all the material we needed. I appreciate his willingness to support our local organization.

Sara M.
Scotts Valley



I had artificial lawns direct install my putting green and 1000 sq ft. lawn area. I am so excited on how it came out.  Such a professional company. The price was great and the service was excellent. I highly recommend Artificial Lawns Direct.

Terry D.


After getting quotes from two heavily advertised artificial lawn companies we contacted Artificial Lawns Direct.  The sales rep responded to our request for a quote very quickly, gave us several product options to choose from, and provided many installed examples for us to look at.  There was no pressure, just a friendly meeting.

When we selected the product we were interested in the quote was provided right away.  It was half the amount of the other companies and the installed product looked read more » far superior.

The product is very ecologically sound, made from recycled materials, completely recyclable.  We save water. There is no runoff of plastic filler as with other artificial turf products since they use sand.

The installation was fast, neat and very well done, with extra improvements we didn’t expect and which made the yard look even nicer.  The crew was polite and considerate.  The president of the company even came out to check the completed installation and make sure we were satisfied.

We are extremely happy with our lawn.  It looks so natural that most people don’t even realize that it is artificial.  No more mowing, weeding, watering,

Geralynn M.


February 19, 2010
Artificial Lawns Direct
#4 Camp Evers Ln.
Scotts Valley, CA. 95067

Attn: Ron Shaver & Wade Petrini

Ref:  400 Abalone Dr., Le Selva Beach

Ron, on behalf of the Board of Directors of canon del Sol, I want to thank you for the outstanding job you did in beautifying our open space behind the clubhouse. From the beginning, I was impressed with your presenting many choices to us, your knowledge of the produce, explanation of the product, its performance and the warranty.

I interviewed tow other companies and there was no decision to be made. It was obvious, your company was the right choice and you did not let us down.

Wade and the installation crew were professional, courteous and completed the job in a workmanship manner. The site was left clean and ready for use.

We had a super bowl party on Sunday after the installation, and the membership could not belief it wasn’t real grass. They loved it!

You both should be proud to represent this product. I wish you the best in the future and will definitely recommend you.

Thank you,

Mona salvage
President Canon del Sol Homeowner’s Association
400 Abalone Dr.
La Selva Beach, CA. 95073


Hi Ron,

We have had many very favorable comments about the lawn. When I was out planting some flowers in the garden the other day three separate groups walked by and two of them commented on my yard and the lawn. I get comments like: “Wow! how do you keep your lawn looking so good?, You have the best looking yard in the neighborhood, Your yard looks beautiful.” etc. They can’t tell it is artificial when looking at it from the sidewalk. I told the one fellow that I have a self-maintaining lawn–it fertilizes, waters and mows itself, and then I told him to bend over an feel it. He was very impressed and I gave him one of your cards. Several of our immediate neighbors have snuck over to check it out too. Sometimes I catch them as I come out my front door unexpectedly and some just confessed they had been over to check it out. Everyone agrees that it looks very natural and puts their lawns to shame. Some of them have asked me for feedback and I have told them just what I wrote in Yelp. The whole process was wonderful, smooth, and painless and the final result looks perfect.

The lawn looks just great and it is very easy to maintain, even with all of the autumn leaves falling. Every day when I come home after my bike ride I pull up to my house and get a big grin. Finally my lawn looks like I want it to, green, healthy and full. Thanks again for the good service. I will give you a call sometime about the lawn fluffing.


February 15

Hi, Wade and Ron:

I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how much I appreciate the work you have done on our front yard. Not only is it beautiful in appearance and workmanship, but done with the highest level of professionalism.

All of our neighbors have come by to ask about it.

What a beautiful job, thank you very much again!

Best regards,

Angela Zhan
Union City

December 16, 2010

Hi Wade and Ron,

Every time we go to our backyard, we can’t help but appreciate and enjoy our new lawn that your company, Artificial Lawn Direct, installed for us recently. The new lawn looks very natural and has that silky soft feel to it compared to our previous sod and dirt yard. Even our friends who visited were very impressed and I’m sure you’ll be hearing from some of them soon.

Again, THANK YOU for your professional and quality installation. WE LOVE OUR NEW BACKYARD!


Alice Ellsworth

San Jose